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Painting for Beginners

Our Most Popular Art Classes for New and Returning Artists.  Learn art from award winning tutors including Finalists in the Archibald, Wynne, Moran and Dobell Art Prizes

This is the ideal art course for those new to art or "rediscovering" their artistic side.  World class tutors and structured progression is why this is the most popular art class in Sydney.

Enjoy friendly and engaging art classes where you will feel at ease while yout tutor will ensure you have the very best of advice and practical guidance in all aspects of art.

Overview of this Art Class

Each student is given individual guidance and a development plan.  So you will find that you can re-enrol in this class and continue to develop your skills.  Places in these courses are usually filled by returning students - so we suggest you call to find out what places are available.

Studios Dates Times

StudioDayStart DateNo of WeeksStart TimeEnd TimeTutorPriceNotes
Baulkham HillsFriday22 Jul 2022810:00 am12:00 pmNatalia Gorbanova$370
HornsbyMonday18 Jul 2022812:30 pm2:30 pmSamantha Wiltshire$370
HornsbyMonday18 Jul 2022810:00 am12:00 pmSamantha Wiltshire$370
Baulkham HillsSaturday23 Jul 2022811.15 am1.15 pmMatthew Weatherstone$370
HornsbySaturday23 Jul 2022811:00 am1:00 pmKrista Brennan$370online and face to face delivery
HornsbySaturday23 Jul 202281:00 pm3:00 pmNatalia Gorbunova/Krista Brennan$370
ONLINESaturday23 Jul 202281:00 pm3.00pmKrista Brennan$370
HornsbyThursday21 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmSamantha Wiltshire$370
Baulkham HillsTuesday19 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmMatthew Weatherstone$370
HornsbyTuesday19 Jul 2022812:00:pm2:00 pmSamantha Wiltshire$370
HornsbyTuesday19 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmChristina Rogers$370
HornsbyTuesday19 Jul 2022812:00 pm2:00 pmChristina Rogers$370
HornsbyTuesday19 Jul 202282:00 pm4:00 pmMatthew Weatherstone$370
ONLINETBATBA87:00 pm9:00 pm$370
ONLINETuesday19 Jul 2022812:00 pm2:00:pmSamantha Wiltshire$370
Baulkham HillsThursday21 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmKrista Brennan$370
Baulkham HillsWednesday20 Jul 2022812:30 pm2:30 pmKrista Brennan$370
Baulkham HillsWednesday20 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmMatthew Weatherstone$370

Course Information

Your tutor will work with you to understand your goals and aspirations.  Once you or your tutor feel you have a good grasp of the basic skills you will be ready to move on to the "Developing Artistic Techniques" course. Some students move on to the next level after only one term. Others prefer to take it more slowly and do a few terms in the "Absolute Beginners - How to Paint" course before progressing.
Either way their are options for you to continue to develop your skills with the tutor you started with or to explore the perspectives and artistic techniques with other art tutors.

Topics covered include;

Composition, Design and Balance.

  • How the human mind perceives shapes and its importance in composition.
  • Lines and edges - how to use them to create tjhe foundation for your artwork
  • Positive and negative spaces - and their role in creating balance.
  • Light and Shade, Contrast and Tones - the important skill in progressing from a painter to an artist.
  • How the human mind perceives colour and its importance in colour selection


  • Overview of Colour mixing theory
  • How to mix oil paints or acrylic paints
  • How to choose colours that work well together


  • Choice, use and care of , paints, canvasses, brushes.
  • Chemistry of oil paints.

Preparatory drawing

  • Choice of subject matter.
  • Creating an foundation drawing using pencil or charcoal.

Development of the students painting

  • Choice of colours relevant to the style and subject
  • Mixing colours and the colour wheel, warm and cool colours
  • Initial application of colours to the student's painting
  • Consideration of light and shade relevant to the style and subject.
  • Practical application to the student's painting
  • Framing options and considerations.
  • Finalisation and critique of the student's painting by the tutor.
  • Group review, discussion and advice on how to prepare the painting for exhibitions, competitions and sale.