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Corporate Art Workshops

The Largest Corporate Art Workshop Held in Australia ... 


An art based activity offers a fresh way to engage customers, foster staff teambuilding and develop personal skills often overlooked by other training methods.  Sydney Art School offers a unique blend of degree qualified staff blending Fine Arts with MBA pragmatism.  We can advise on fresh new ways on how to use art to help you meet your business objectives.

Client Loyalty and Relationship Building

How do you build lasting client loyalty and relationships?

Good service is essential but just the beginning. Corporate lunches, tickets to sporting events or golf days can be useful in building customer relationships.  But what if these activities don't appeal to your client?  And if your competitors are doing the same thing how do you differentiate?  This is where an art based activity or event can make a real difference. Our clients have successfully used some of the following ideas;

1. Hosted an art workshop to provide a memorable interactive client event.
2. Given a customer a subscription to a short course as a unique way of saying "thank you for your business".
3. Commissioned a piece of art as corporate gift - an enduring reminder of the value of the relationship with them.

Staff Recognition - Skill Development - Team Building

The most important asset in you business is your people.  An art based activity can be used in many ways to recognise the efforts of your staff, develop their skills and promote team building.
The team at Sydney Art School has successfully tailored specifc programs for one off events or ongoing staff development.

 Personal Development  & Cognitive Skills

Modern research has discovered the neuroplastic nature of the mature human brain to develop new capabilities - which is another way of saying you CAN teach on old dog new tricks. 

Active involvement in visual art can assist in exercising "right brain" capabilities that have often been left underdeveloped by an educational background that has focussed on verbal and analytical skills.   This can help to develop specific abilities that are useful in a business environment such as,

  • Increasing the ability to see the individual elements as well as the big picture
    Improving awareness and effectiveness in communicating with people in a visual mode
    Attaining a sense of balance and proportion in business problem solving

By strengthening your right the brain skills you can also make the whole brain more responsive to higher level training.  (More information on this is available at Performance Thinking, an Australian company that has provided world leading research and practical applications in this area).



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