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Painting and Drawing for Beginners

If you are new to art or re-discovering your artistic there are many benefits in develop painting and drawing skills at the same time. You will find that improving your drawing ability will accelerate your progress in painting.

  • Drawing better and faster means you can move into the painting phase sooner, with
  • reduced distractions from trying to "fix" mistakes in the drawing, which lets you
  • focus more time on developing your painting.

This art class will introduce you to the process of using a drawing and planning phase before you begin to paint.   Your tutor will then teach you how to develop your drawing into a painting and so you will experience and understand how the two skills come together to create a finished piece of art.

Studios Dates Times

Next Term Starts
Baulkham Hills Studio
7pm - 9pm
17 July 2017
Peter Mackie

Overview of this Art Class

 During this art course you will produce a series of drawings from:

  • references images from the "masters" as well as contemporary artists, as will as 
  • in studio observational drawing using still life composition.  

After each drawing you will be taught how to  transform them into finished paintings.

In the initial drawing and planning phase you will be introduced to the concept of "drawing to improve the end result”.  You will be taught how to step your idea through a development process to improve the outcome.   

Along the way you will be guided on how to improve your drawing skills particularly with respect to; 

  • techniques and tips to create an accurate drawing
  • how to perceive and render light and dark tones in preparation for painting
  • use of line and what matters when getting ready to paint

During the painting phase, you will see how the idea developed in the drawing phase can transform during the painting phase to reach a better result in the finished artwork.  Concepts and  artistic skills you will learn include; 

  • Colour contrast, harmony and
  • Colour mixing
  • How to use brushstrokes to create an effect
  • How to use underpainting to create depth and substance

Course Information

In this course you will learn how to;

• explore ideas, techniques and historical and contemporary painting and drawwing practice and choose techniques to support your own work
• identify and acquire resources required to complete a chosen work
• adapt and use combined painting and drawing techniques to create a single major work or multiple paintings and drawings that show technical proficiency in chosen techniques
• review and document the work process.


Material List

You will need: 


  • Visual diary or A3 sketch book,
  • Graphite pencils 2B, 4B, 6B, sharpener & eraser 
  • Set of paints & brushes (can be acrylics or oils)
  • Something to paint your major work on. You can choose A3 sized ready made canvas or primed board or masonite.  Some art shops also sell canvas paper which is a great option if you are doing a lot of painting exercises.  
  • Optional: a set of coloured pencils