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  • Absolute Beginners How to Paint Art Classes
  • Developing Artistic Techniques with Apple Yin
  • Learn to Paint in Oils
  • Watercolours for Beginners
  • Portraiture, Life Drawing, Figure Painting
  • How to Paint and Draw | For Beginners
  • Artists Open Studio Sessions

Painting Classes

Absolute Beginners How to Paint Art Classes

Popular with renewing students.
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Absolute Beginners - How to Paint

  • Our Most Popular Art Classes for New and Returning Artists.

  • The ideal art course for those new to art or "rediscovering" their artistic side.

    Learn art from award winning tutors including Finalists in the Archibald, Wynne, Moran and Dobell Art Prizes

    Oil or Acrylic Paints can be used in this class.

    World class tutors and structured progression is the reason why this is the most popular art class in Sydney.  Their friendly and engaging nature will make you at ease while ensuring you have the very best of advice and practical guidance in all aspects of art.

  • Day Time Baulkham Hills Hornsby Next Course Starts Duration Price
    Tuesday 12.30pm - 2.30pm   Matthew Kentmann 10 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
    Tuesday 7pm - 9pm Matthew Weatherstone   10 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
    Wednesday 7pm - 9pm Christina Rogers   11 Oct 2017 8 wks  $360
    Wednesday 12.30pm - 2.30pm Kristin Hardiman   11 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
    Thursday 7pm - 9pm Kristin Hardiman   12 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
    Thursday 7pm - 9pm   Matthew Weatherstone 12 Oct 2017 8wks  $360
    Thursday 7pm - 9pm Tam Cao   11 Oct 2017 8wks $360
    Friday 10am - 12pm  Christine Rogers   13 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
     Saturday  1pm-3pm   Matthew Kentmann

    14 Oct 2017

    8wks $360

Developing Artistic Techniques

  • Learn artistic techniques from finalist in the Archibald, Moran & Shirley Hannan prize - Apple Yin.

  • If you already have some basic art skills then you are ready to learn from  a tutor like Apple who is a master of technique.

    Apple uses an unusually diverse palette and will teach you how to use a wider range of colours to create a unique richness in your paintings.

    In the tradition of master astists, her classes are centred on portraiture but will explore figure painting, landscpaes, and still life to help you develop a completeness as an artist..

  • Day
    Next Course Starts
    Monday 6.30pm - 8.30pm  Hornsby Apple Yin 9 Oct 2017 8 wks $360 
    Saturday 1pm - 3pm Hornsby Apple Yin 14 Oct 2017 8 wks $360

Learn to Paint in Oils

  • Weekly Oil Painting Classes

    Learn from our capable and popular tutors who will give you personal guidance on how to use the beautiful and classical medium of oil paints.

  • You will discover the unique pleasure of working in oils - a medium that enables even beginners to achieve a painting with a professional texture and finish.

    These art classes are relaxed and friendly, with a good blend of demonstration, instruction and individual painting.

  • Studio
    Next  Course Dates
    Baulkham Hills Friday  12.30pm - 2.30pm Christina Rogers 13 Oct 2017 $360

    Hornsby (Hunter street)

    7pm - 9pm
    Peter Mackie
    1 August 2017
    Courses are 8 week duration unless otherwise noted.

Watercolours for Beginners

  • Watercolours let you achieve effects ranging from powerful and dynamic to soft and subtle.

    For new artists, watercolours help you to achieve a "painterly" quality to your art.

    For experienced artists, watercolours can expand the options available to you to achieve the effects you want.

  • Day
    Next Course Start Date
    7pm - 9pm
    Baulkham Hills

    9 Oct 2017


    Krista Brennan 


    Thursday 10am - 12pm 

    Hornsby Hunter St

    12 Oct 2017 8wks  Krista Brennan $360

Portraiture, Life Drawing and Figure Painting

  • In this art course you will start by learning skills in portraiture. You will then develop this skills in life drawing and then finally figure painting. 

    Portraiture is an immensely rewarding painting experience.  Even those who are just starting out in art find that the activity of painting another person is immediately engaging.  

    Some artists mistakenly avoid portraiture as they feel it is "too advanced" for the level they are at.  Nothing is futher from the truth.  

    One of the great aspects of portraiture is that it allows an artist to explore their use of colours and styles to capture the soul of their subject in a way that surpasses a photographic image.  If you have a look at some of the works in our student gallery you will see a range of works that each have artistic merit regardless of the level of technical skill.

    This is a course for oil painters who love portraiture, but who may not yet have portraiture skills or experience, especially in painting a portrait from life.


  • Day
    Baulkham Hills
    Next  Course Starts
    12noon - 4pm 
    Apple Yin
     31 July 2017 
    8 wks
    See Note 1
    Thursday 7pm - 9pm Tam Cao   12 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
    Note 1:  This class is 4 hour sessions x 8 weeks.  It incorporates the use of live models and model fees are included in the term studio tuition fee.

Painting and Drawing for Beginners

  • A foundation course in drawing and painting skills for absolute beginners.

  • If you are new to art or extending your artistic skills there are many benefits in developing painting and drawing skills at the same time. You will find that improving your drawing ability will accelerate your progress in painting.

    Drawing more accurately means you can move into the painting phase sooner, reducing distractions from trying to "fix" mistakes in the drawing, letting you focus more time on developing your painting.

    This art class will introduce you to different approaches to the process of drawing and planning phase before you begin to paint. You will be taught how to develop your drawing into a painting and understand how the two skills come together to create a finished piece of art.

  • Day Time Next Term Starts Tutor Studio
    Monday 7pm - 9pm 9 Oct 2017 Peter Mackie Baulkham Hills
    Tuesday 7pm - 9pm 10 Oct 2017 Peter Mackie Hornsby Hunter st

Artists Open Studio Sessions

  • Professional Studio Facilities for all Artists.

    The Artists Open Studio Sessions are designed to give our students the option to use to our facilities in a creative group environment outside of their regular art course sessions.

  • These sessions will suit a broad range of artists and art students.  

    Options will be available for;

    • Untutored Sessions OR
    • Tutored Sessions

    The tutored sessions will have a provide a flexible format customised to the needs of each student.  

  • Day
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