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Art Theory, History & Professional Practice

This course is included in the fees for Sydney Art School Certificate and Diploma Students.   Other students may attend by paying a small additional fee on enrolment (limit of 10 places available for non-qualification students).

This course gives you foundation information applicable to being an artist.   A range of topics will be explored and discussed covering the theoritical, practical and historical information that you need to become a better artist.

Overview of this Art Class

This will be an informative and wide ranging course covering art theory, history, professional practice, safety and sustainabilty.  Each week new topics and ideas will be introduced with pracitical information as well as guidance on where to go for more information and self directed study.

Studios Dates Times

StudioDayStart DateNo of WeeksStart TimeEnd TimeTutorPriceNotes
HornsbyTuesday30 Apr 202489:30 am11.30amvarious$100Colour Theory Lecture Series

Course Information

In this course you will research, analyse, and discuss historical and contemporary topics and explore how these can be integrated into your own art work.

Topics covered will include; 

Term Main Topics Covered
Term 1

Wks 1-4: 
Colour Theory Lecture & Workshop Series

Wks 5-8:
Exhibition Concepts & Presenting a Body of Creative Work
Marketing Your Art

Term 2

Developing Your Professional Creative Practice
Art Movements & Famous Artists

Term 3 

Wks 1-4
Exhibition Concepts & 
Presenting a Body of Creative Work

Wks 5-8:
Cultural History & Theory
Contemporary Art Practice - Gallery Walk - Tuesday 10 Sep 2019 2PM - 5PM

Term 4 

Wks 1-4:
Exhibition Concepts & Presenting a Body of Creative Work
Student Exhibition Friday 8 November 2019

Wks 5-8:
Cultural History & Theory
Developing Your Professional Practice
Contemporary Art Practice - Gallery Walk - Tuesday 26 Nov 2019 2PM - 5PM

Colour Theory Lecture Series: Beyond “Red, Yellow, Blue”

In this series of 4 workshops, students will be introduced to a modern understanding of
colour and its application to their art practice. Topics covered will include:

  • How we perceive colour; psychophysical primaries and complements; simultaneous contrast.
  • Additive, subtractive and paint primaries; replacing incorrect information on the
    “traditional primaries” of “Red, Yellow and Blue”.
  • Moving beyond colour wheels: colour spaces (e.g. Munsell and NCS).
  • Exploring Munsell colour space in more detail & learning how to manage hue, value and chroma.
  • Matching target colours with paint, using Reilly’s approach.
  • How to produce convincing 3D effects by correct colour shading.

Each workshop will be split roughly 50-50 between theory and practice - students will
produce their own visual reminders of the workshop content to keep for later reference.

Prof Margaret Livingstone: https://livingstone.hms.harvard.edu/vision-and-art
Dr David Briggs: http://www.huevaluechroma.com
Bruce MacEvoy: https://www.handprint.com/HP/WCL/wcolor.html
Golden Paintmixer: https://www.goldenpaints.com/mixer

About Guest Lecturer Jean Pretorius

Jean is the President of the Colour Society of Australia. He is a Sydney-based realist artist with a particular interest in 2D and 3D portraiture. Jean also holds a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge University(UK)


Contemporary Art Practice - Gallery Walk

This session will support students with their visual arts practice by introducing them to contemporary art galleries and current artists work in a range of media.

We will visit art galleries across Sydney using our visual art diaries to record what we see. Through guided activities, students will document the styles and themes on exhibition.  They will discuss, reflect and respond to work on exhibition.

The programme includes expeditions to Art Gallery NSW, MCA, White Rabbit, Artspace, as well as smaller arts precincts.