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Certificate & Diploma of Visual Arts Courses

Visual Arts Qualifications Offered at Sydney Art School

Sydney Art School offers students Certificate and Diploma of Visual Arts qualifications approved by the Commonwealth Government under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).   

For Domestic Students

The qualifications provide entry criteria pathways into Australian Universities with the possibility of Unit credits being awarded towards the first year of a bachelor level degree.

Tuition fee assistance is available for eligible students via the VET Student Loans program

For Internaional Students

The courses are approved on the Commonwealth Register of International Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The School can provide a Certificate of Enrolment for students that meet entry criteria. 

For HSC Students

HSC Students can study the Certificate III in Visual Arts Course which is dual accredited by the NSW Board of Studies. and can provide up to 4 Units of credit towards the award of the HSC.

 Visual Arts Qualifications Options

The table below lists the qualifications available at the School and the pathway outcomes that are possible.


  International Students  

 Domestic Students

Full Time

Part Time

 Full Time 

 Part Time 

 VET Student
Loan Option 

 HSC Units 

 Pathway Outcomes

Certificate III in Visual Arts







 Earn up to 4 HSC Units plus

a Qualification in Visual Arts 

Certificate IV in Visual Arts







 Pathway to

Bachelor Degree at some 

Australian Universities

Diploma of Visual Arts







Pathway & Credits to

Bachelor Degree at

Australian Universities

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts







Pathway & Credits to

Bachelor Degree at

Australian Universities. 



Full Time and Part Time Options

Full Time Study for each qualification is 1 Year.   As a full time student you will typically require 20 hrs per week of studio time during school terms.  Studio sessions options are available during daytime, evenings and some weekends to give flexible attendance options.

Part Time Study is available only for domestic students.  Your attendance in studio sessions can be tailored so that you can to be complete your course over 2 or more years.

 VET in Schools option is available to High School Students in Years 9 and above.


Flexible Studio Attendance Options

Students can benefit from flexible studio attendance options.  Studio Sessions are available during daytimes, evenings and weekends.  

During your course you will attend;

  • Tutored Skills Development Studio Sessions that provide specific development of drawing, painting and silversmithing.  

  • Open Studio Sessions that give you access to studio facilities to work alongside other students, tutors and artists in a group environment.

How Much Will a Qualification Cost and How Long Will it Take to Complete?

 2021 Course Fees   


Tuition Fee
payable per Term*

No of Terms

Estimated Cost
of Qualification

Certificate III & IV in Visual Arts - Full Time

 $2450 4 $9,800
Certificate III & IV in Visual Arts - Part Time 2 Yrs

$1350 8 $10,800
Certificate III & IV in Visual Art - Part Time 3 Yrs

$1250 12 $15,000
Diploma of Visual Arts - Full Time

$2450 4 $9,800
Diploma of Visual Arts - Part Time - 2 Yrs

$1350 8 $10,800
Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts - Full Time

$2450 4 $9,800
Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts - Part Time - 2ys

 $1350  8 $10,800

  * International student levy is $500 per term

Fees include

  • Face to face tutored classes
  • Use of studio facilities in scheduled Open Studio sessions
  • Unit Workbook Assessments

Fees do not include materials

Full Time Students

  • Fees for full time students are shown in the table above.  
  • Each full time course at Sydney Art School is 1 year (4 terms).   Each term is 8 weeks.
  • You can start your enrolment at the beginning of any term. 
  • Succesful assessments are based on demonstrating competency and completion of devliverables such as major works and active participation in exhibitions.
  • Recommended studio attendance is 2 days per week. 

Part Time Students

  • Part time students complete the same assessment tasks as full time students.  They just complete them over a longer period.
  • Part time courses are typically completed over 2 years (8 terms) or to 3 years (12 terms).
  • The actual duration will depend upon how quickly the student submits assessment tasks.
  • Recommeded studio attendance is 1 day per week.

 International Students

  • Intertnational students must attend full time
  • Student fees = Full Time Course Fees + International Student Levy.  
  • You can start your enrolment at the beginning of any term.

 Studio Based Learning Format

Learning at Sydney Art School is done in a working studio where you will progress and complete assigned assessment tasks and be observed by assessors and other industry practitioners. The studio provides a hands on learning environment with a strong focus on skills development and producing artistic works.

Your Tutor

On enrolment you will be allocated a primary tutor.  The role of the primary tutor is to;

  • assign and mark your assessment tasks
  • recommend Studio Sessions for you to attend
  • monitor your artistic and academic progress
  • provide feedback to your questions on artistic or academic matters

Your Attendance and Studio Sessions

During your time at Sydney Art School you will attend  2 types of Studio Sessions:

  • Skills Development Studio Sessions &
  • Open Studio Sessions

International students will need to attend Studio Sessions for at least 20 hours per week during school terms.

"Tutored Studio Sessions" are groups where a tutor provides theoretical and practical instructions on specific technical skills such as drawing, painting or jewellery making. Full time students may attend up to 6 hours of Skills Development sessions per week.

"Open Studio Sessions" provide a collegiate environment where you can work alongside tutors and other students.  You will use these sessions to 

  • use studio facilities to progress work on their tasks for assessment.
  • share learnings with other students
  • seek and give feedback on technical or creative concepts
  • consolidate technical skills
  • progress towards your assessment tasks.
  • share learnings with other students
  • seek and give feedback on technical or creative concepts

At least one tutor is present during any Open Studio Session.  They will not be providing specific demonstrations but are working on  their own art.  This gives you the opportunity to observe how they work in a professional practice environment. 


Other Fees & Charges

Material Fees:

Materials are not included in course fees unless otherwise indicated.


International Student Levy:

$500 per term 

Applicable to students who are sponsored by Sydney Art School for a Student Visa under the CRICOS program.


Qualification or Statement of Attainment Issuance Fee;

Statement of Attainment Issuance Fee: $100
Qualification Issuance Fee:  Initial $0,   Reprints $100

Service level times:
Standard: within 1 week
Priority: within 48 hours add $100 

Statements and Certificates are provided in electronic (.pdf) format.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is where you're competence against a Unit is assessed against evidence that you have collected through other courses or experience.

You will be asked to present your evidence firstly by use of an Assessment Workbook.  Your evidence will be reviewed by an assessor and may require a one on one interview with an assessor.

For students enrolled in a studio session at Sydney Art School RPL Fees are $200 per Unit.

For students not currently enrolled in a studio session at Sydney Art School RPL Fees Per Unit are:

  • Certificate III / IV Units: $250 per unit
  • Diploma Units: $300 per unit
  • Advanced Diploma Units: $350 per unit 

* Some Studio Sessions and Units may have additional fees  These will be indicated where applicable.


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