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Benefits of Art for Kids

Does Art Help the Brain and Learning

Does Art Help the Brain and Learning?

Attached is an article sent to me by a friend that talks about how art can help children and adults think and learn. 


Does Art Education Help the Brain and Learning?
By Michelle M. Guilbeau-Sheppard

Today's biology suggests that art education helps to lay the groundwork for future academic and career success. In recent times, neuroscience has steadily made new discoveries and because of these discoveries art education has had an increased interest.

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How the Arts Enable Our Children to Operate at their Peak

Watch this engaging animation of a speech by Sir Kenneth Robinson.  It will  be one of the most valuable 10 minutes of you could invest in your childrens' future. 

He provides an insightful discussion on "How do we educate our children to take their place in the 21st century" and "How the arts develop divergent thinking and enable our children's senses to operate at their peak"

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