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Jewellery Drawing & Design

Jewellery drawing is an essential skill for jewellery designers and artist including individual designers and those working in jewellery company.

Learn how to create your own jewellery design concept and then draw it accurately from scratch in preparation for creating the physical piece.

In this 8 week course you will learn the fundamentals of jewellery design and basic techniques in drawing.  No prior drawing or design skills are required.

Overview of this Art Class

For All Students

In this course you will;

  • be introduced to design elements and how they apply to jewellery
  • experiment with freehand sketches
  • learn the conventional way to draw light reflection on metal and gemstones
  • be guided through the process of creating high quality outline drawings from different angles
  • develop skills in descriptive geometry, technical drawing & illustration techniques to
  • create finished drawings to guide your own design or provide to customers or other jewellers for manufacturing.

Studios Dates Times

No of
HornsbyTuesday21 Jul 2020412:30 PMDaniel Cap$390Jewellery Making Fundamentals
HornsbyTuesday21 Jul 2020412:30 PMDaniel Cap$390Jewellery Making Fundamentals
HornsbyMonday20 Jul 2020412:30 PMTBA$390Creative Jewellery Making
HornsbyTuesday21 Jul 2020810:30 AMDaniel Cap$360Jewellery Drawing & Design

Course Information

Learning Outcomes

By end of this course, you will complete a portfolio of creative jewellery designs on paper, you can transform your idea into a real piece of jewellery by making your own designed jewellery piece in our Jewellery Making and Silversmithing course or prepare it for manufacturing as take your drawing to casting company for conversion to CAD format and transform into a metal jewellery piece to wear.

Material List


  • Some studio tools
  • Safety equipment & training on how to use relevant equipment


A4 Paper or Visual Diary

2 x A4 translucent paper

1 x graph and grid paper (1mm)

1 x colour pencil

1 x simple pacer/mechanical pencil

1 x fineline permanent maker size 0.3

1 x eraser

white acrylic paint

small paint brush

1 x French curve set, 1 x Celco Ellipse Template, 1 x Celco Circle Template #68