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Artists Open Studio

Artists Open Studio SessionsArtists Open Studio Sessions
Artists Open Studio Sessions
Artists Open Studio Sessions

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Personalised Artistic Development in Onsite Studio Sessions

The "Artists Open Studio" program is a series of  whole day studio sessions where you will receive individual guidance and mentoring by a renowned and succesful artist.

These Fine Art sessions provide a flexible and personally tailored learning experience - whilst giving the opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative ambience of like minded artists.

Who Should Enrol in this Program?

The program will appeal to a broad range of artists and art students.  No matter what stage you are at in the development of your artistic practice the tutor will tailor the program to suit your own objectives.

Some of the reasons that other artists who have previously enrolled that may apply to you are; 

  • you already have a grasp of foundation techniques in painting or drawing and would benefit from the flexibility of being able to get ad-hoc advice on how to improve a specific technique or achieve a certain effect, OR
  • you want feedback and advice on how to develop your own individual visual language, OR
  • you are interested in developing a concept into a body of work, OR
  • you would like to exhibit in a group or solo exhibition and would like mentoring on how to bring it all together.

 Those who have previously enrolled in this course have included both graduates of and students working towards a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Visual arts

Selected Works by the Tutor

The elements of the Artists Open Studio will include;

  • establishing your own unique visual language,
  • producing work that you conceive, 
  • pursuing your own concepts while developing and increasing your skills,
  • technical and conceptual guidance appropriate to your level of artistic development,
  • methods for each artist to develop their own decision making skills for sustaining a meaningful art practice into the future,
  • discussion of artists both historical and current relevant to your artwork,
  • at times excursions may be offered as an optional extra on days other than the studio day to help inspire your own work.

There is no restriction in regard to the style of work you wish to create.

During these sessions you will share a large hall with the other artists but will have ample room to set up your own personal "studio" space.  You will be amongst like-minded people creating work in a genuine and exciting art studio atmosphere with the opportunity to interact with each other in common areas.

The sessions start at 10 am and finish at 3 pm.  This will give time for a 1 hour lunch break and mix with your fellow artists. Of course you are welcome to continue to work through the break.