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Plein Air Landscape Painting


Experience the excitement and immediacy of painting “en plein air” as you work to capture the landscape and its ever changing light from life.

Days Times & Studios

StudioDayStart DateNo of WeeksStart TimeEnd TimeTutorPriceNotes
HornsbyWednesday12 Oct 2022812:00 pm3:00 pmMatthew Weatherstone$430


During the course you will learn the essential landscape painting techniques, approaches and considerations including;
  • the observation of light and colour in the landscape
  • selection and composition of your subject
  • the introduction and development of form, value and colour
  • the use of deliberate brushmarks to communicate form and texture
  • how to work directly from the landscape "en plein air"

During the term, the classes will take place both in the studio and in the landscape, enabling you to develop the foundational techniques and approaches for landscape painting, and to work “en plein air”, directly observing and capturing your own experience of the natural landscape.

Your tutor will provide guidance on the following aspects of landscape painting

  • Identifying and selecting subjects for the inspiration of distinctive and dynamic artworks
  • Principles of light and colour in the landscape to better understand how light and colour interact, are experienced within the landscape, and can be captured on the canvas
  • Artwork composition and design.
  • The use of preliminary sketches for the study of the landscape and the development of painting ideas
  • Pallette and colour selection
  • Value and colour stratedgy “key in” a painting and establish the tone and colour map
  • Direct and indirect painting approaches that can be used to depict the effects of light and atmosphere
  • Plein Air approaches and strategies to effectively create artworks from direct experienc