Gold Foil – K24 – Extra Thick


Ways to Use

Developed originally for Origami artists, Each package contains one 75 mm square, paper-thin sheet of Standard Art Clay. This formulation contains almost no moisture and does not need to be dried prior to firing. It has the look and feel of plastic and will retain whatever shape you desire.

The silver ”paper” lets you fold, bend, punch or cut shapes quickly and easily with a pair of scissors or paper punches, just like you would using regular paper materials. You can even apply paper-folding techniques like origami, and use paper-, fabric- and leather-crafting applications.

Use as accents on porcelain and other ceramic materials that are kiln fired at the same temperature.


Art Clay Silver paper type is 99.9% pure silver after firing. Paper remains soft during work time without moistening, and adheres to silver metal clay projects with a drop of Art Clay Silver paste-type clay.

Each 75x75mm square comes sealed in a woven fabric pouch inside a cardboard box to keep paper protected during storage.

Package contains complete instructions in both English and Japanese.

Units in box: 1