Painting Classes

Join Australia's Most Comprehensive Painting Classes

Welcome to our vibrant painting classes, where imagination meets the canvas in a palette of colors waiting to be explored.


Painting and Drawing Skills Beginner to Intermediate

A foundation course in drawing and painting skills for beginners.

Painting Skills Intermediate to Advanced

Learn painting techniques through studying the Old Masters.

Painting – Plein Air Landscape

Experience the immediacy of painting “en plein air” (outdoors) and capture the ever-changing landscape.

Painting Skills Beginner to Intermediate

Sydney Art School’s most popular class. Our Award Winning Tutors provide structured progression tailored to your personal abilities.

Figure Painting

Integrating study of master figure artists approaches, students learn to paint the human form using a live model and photographic references.

Painting – Portraiture – Intermediate to Advanced

This class is for students currently producing works of a high observational standard to develop further skills by working with a live sitter.

Painting in Watercolours

Master the unique and sometimes challenging medium of watercolours to achieve effects ranging from powerful to soft and subtle.

HSC Visual Arts Tutoring

This course is for students preparing for the NSW HSC Visual Arts Course. and gain advice on the development and refinement of your major project from a tutor who knows what it takes to get a Band 6.