Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts


Study modes

Full time: Min of 2 days per week over 1 year
Part time: 1 day per week over 2 years

Pathway options

Pathway and Credits towards Bachelor Degree at Australian Universities


Baulkham Hills

Course Fees

Full Time: $2450 / term
4 terms = $9800

Part Time: $1350 / term
8 terms = $10800

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Course Overview

The Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at Sydney Art School is suitable for Australian and international visual arts students who are looking to refine existing technical artistic skills and develop artworks that also provide communication of a concept or narrative.

The Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts course is accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework and provides for a pathway into Australian universities. It is also listed on the Commonwalth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

The studio-based “hands on” learning model follows the classical atelier tradition of teaching art. Specialised studio sessions will develop your skills in the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking and jewellery making.


Course Description

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have para-professional level technical, creative and conceptual skills to originate, realise and exhibit a substantial body of resolved work that expresses their own creative vision. Practice at this level is underpinned by application of art theory and history, the ability to engage in critical discourse and to debate one’s own work and the work of others.


Entry Requirements

To enter this qualification, individuals must have the conceptual, technical and organisational skills to create and present work in their chosen creative form.

Those skills and knowledge may have been acquired through experience in a creative field or through formal study.

Entry into the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at Sydney Art School is selective.

Admission is based on consideration of factors including but not limited to:

– Completion of a Diploma of Visual Arts at Sydney Art School OR evidence that you are able to meet the AQF standards required for the award of the Diploma of Visual Arts.
– Demonstration of a high level of technical expertise in your chosen creative form (drawing, painting, printmaking or jewellery).
– Your ability to apply art theory and history to critically analyse and synthesise information from a range of sources.
– Previous discourse around complex ideas related to your art work or a related topic.
– Experience in creating and presenting of a body of work in an exhibition context.

Advanced Diploma students take on a senior role within the student body. Your ability and willingness to contribute to the advancement and cohesion of fellow students at a cultural, social and academic dimensions will also be taken into account in your application.

If you do not already hold a Diploma of Visual Arts you may need an Application Assessment Interview to determine your suitability to directly enter the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at Sydney Art School.


Units of Competency

Total number of units = 12
6 core units plus 6 elective units

BSBCRT611 – Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving
CUAACD611 – Extend professional expertise with drawing and other visual representation tools
CUAPPR611 – Originate a body of independent creative work
CUAPPR613 – Engage in the business of creative practice
CUAPPR614 – Publicly present a body of own creative work
CUARES612 – Extend cultural research expertise

CUAACD533 – Select and refine a specialised drawing technique
CUAPPR515 – Establish and maintain safe creative practice
CUAACD532 – Create observational drawings
CUAACD535 – Work with the human form in creative practice
CUADRA501 – Refine drawing techniques
CUAPAI511 – Refine painting techniques
CUAPRI511 – Refine printmaking techniques
MEM19038A – Apply traditional techniques to jewellery and 3D object production
CUARES503 – Analyse cultural history and theory
CUADRA502 – Investigate drawing materials and processes
CUAACD531 – Refine drawing and other visual representation tools
CUAPPR511 – Realise a body of creative work

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Employability Skills

Visual artists may work in their own practice, or a wide range of contexts across the arts, government or commercial organisations and bring visual arts perspective to areas such as business, community services and science. The job roles that relate to this qualification may include Printmaker, Photographer, Illustrator, Visual Artist, Ceramic Artist, Painter, Public Artist, Sculptor, Textile Designer, Woodwork Designer, Digital Artist, Glasswork Artist, Arts Practitioner, and Visual Arts Professional.


General Information

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CUA60720 - Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts - 2024 - Term 1 Intake HORNSBY - Hunter Street Studios 29/01/2024 $2,450.00
CUA60720 - Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts - 2024 - Term 2 Intake (Part Time) HORNSBY - Hunter Street Studios 29/04/2024 $1,350.00
CUA60720 - Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts - 2024 - Term 3 Intake HORNSBY - Hunter Street Studios 22/07/2024 $2,450.00