Study at Sydney Art School on a Student Visa

International students seeking to study art in Australia find that Sydney Art School (SAS) offers the highest quality art education with the flexibility to suit your needs:

  • Study up to 3 Years with Sydney Art School
  • Course Options of Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts
  • Certificate of Enrolment for Australian Student Visa Applications
  • Flexible Attendance Options
  • Pay by the Term Fees from $2950
  • Student Support Services & Resources
  • Easy Access to Public Transport
  • World Class Learning Model
  • Award Winning Art Tutors & Professional Studion Facilities
  • Future Employment Opportunities
  • Further Study Pathways
SAS is the only pure visual arts college in Australia registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). You will be studying at a school that meets the Australian Government quality standards required to become a CRICOS provider as well as being accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority as a Registered Training Organisation.

Study up to 3 Years at Sydney Art School

SAS offers the following visual art qualifications that are approved for students studying in Australia on a student visa on a full-time basis:

  • Certificate IV in Visual Arts – Course Duration: 1 Year
  • Diploma of Visual Arts – Course Duration: 1 Year
  • Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts – Course Duration: 1 Year

The course duration for each course is 1 year. Each study year is made up of4 x 8-week terms.

Certificate of Enrolments for Student Visa Applications

Students seeking to enter or remain in Australia on a Student Visa will require a Certificate or Enrolment (CoE)

To receive a CoE from Sydney Art School you will need to;

Flexible Attendance Options

Visa conditions require an international student to attend at least 80 per cent of scheduled school contact hours each term to achieve satisfactory attendance.

Flexible studio session participation options enable international choices to meet requirements of2 days per week attendance during scheduled term studio sessions. This includes reasonable attendance at;

  • Daytime studio sessions
  • Evening studio sessions
  • Online studio sessions*
  • Weekend studio sessions

*Overseas students are now allowed to undertake up to 25 per cent of their course by online or distance education.

Competitive Pay by the Term Fees

Term fees for 2023 are $2950 AUD per term. So the total cost to study for 1 year for qualification is $11,900 AUD.

International students are not asked to pay for the full qualification up-front. Fees can be paid on a term-by-term basis.

International Student Learning & Welfare Support

Sydney Art School provides learning and welfare support resources to international students including;

  • Permanent Student Liaison Officers
  • Assessment support services
  • Online learning resources
  • Online English language learning resources (Basic Key Skills Builder tool)

Students who need assistance with their course progress or other welfare issues are encouraged to discuss their needs with their tutors, Student Liaison Officers, Studio Manager and/or the Principal.

Easy Access to Public Transport

Hornsby Studio

The main Sydney Art School studio is a short 400 metre walk from Honsby Station.

Hornsby station is a main station on Sydney’s Northern Line. Travel time via traom is approximately 25 minutes from Chatswood station or 45 minutes from Wynyard Station (Sydney CBD).

Baulkham Hills Studio

The Baulkham Hills Studio is across the road from the main Baulkham Hills bus stop. Travel time via bus is approximately 28 minutes from Wynyard Station (Sydney CBD) or 22 minutes from Parramatta Station.

World Class Learning Model

Sydney Art School offers world-class learning in the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking and jewellery making. The program centres on giving students the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and techniques to the highest level while also giving practical exposure to the real-world tasks required of a professional artist. Each year you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your fellow students to plan and stage a group exhibition. The annual student exhibition and graduation event is the highlight of the Sydney Art School calendar.

SAS students benefit from the ‘Atelier’ method, learning “hands-on” in the studio with guidance from master tutors. SAS tutors include winners and finalists in some of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes and awards.The Sydney Art School Hornsby studio facilities.

Future Employment Opportunities

Students who show qualities in working with other students as well as sound technical skills may be offered the opportunity for paid work as an assistant tutor in delivering classes at the School.

Pathways to University & Advanced Standing

Most Australian Universities have pathways that allow students who have achieved a Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications to meet entry criteria to a Bachelor’s degree program.

A qualification in Visual Arts from Sydney Art School is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework, and may assist in competitive entry processes and count towards unit credits.

A number of graduates from Sydney Art School have gained entry to an undergraduate course Australian Universities.