Blue Mix Silicone Putty “Siligum” 200g (100g + 100g)


Blue Mix Silicone Putty “Siligum” – 2 Part Formula for Mold Making

Blue Mix Silicone – 2 Part Mold Making Putty
Make your own detailed molds in minutes!


1. Simply mix equal parts of the blue and white agents.

2. Mix until the colour is uniform.

3. Press the original item that you want to make a mold into the silicone compound.

4. Let the silicone cure.

5 Gently remove the original.

You now have a mold that you can use dozens of times to make an exact replica of your original item!

Working time (including mixing time) = approximately 1 min 45 seconds
Curing time = approximately 30 minutes