Why Choose Sydney Art School?

  • Award Winning Art Classes for Children
  • Australian Government Accredited Training Organisation for Visual Arts Education
  • NSW Government Certified Provider – Creative Kids Program

Here’s why your child will learn faster:

Highly Qualified Art Tutors

Our tutors are tertiary qualified and practicing professional artists.

Many have been finalists in major art prizes in Australia.

Professional Lesson Plans

Carefully structured art classes to give the best results in the shortest time.

Each class lesson plan develops the “building block” skills of art. Come and browse them in the studio.

Proven Learning Methods

Combining best practices developed by school teachers, university lecturers and professional artists

Graded Progression

Children progress through to Senior Transition classes where they are prepared to move on to Adult Art Classes.

Professional Studios

Dedicated Art Studios with easels and support facilities.

Skills Development

Artistic and cognitive skills development teach children to “see” and “be” like an artist

What are the things a parent expects when they invest their time and money in enrolling their children in art classes?

  • Qualified & Professional Tutors
  • Structured and Varied Syllabus
  • Broad Cognitive Skills Development
  • Affordable Value for Money
  • A Safe and Secure Environment

Sydney Art School has developed a range of kids art classes that meet those expectations.

Your Children Get The Best Qualified and Professional Art Tutors in Sydney

All senior tutors in childrens art classes are tertiary qualified, and professional artists.  They combine full time art tutoring with their personal exhibition schedules.

Students in senior art classes who show high skill levels are invited to attend occasional adult classes and workshops when space permits.

Our extension art students are also given the opportunity to learn from some of Sydney’s best award winning artists including finalists and prizewinners in the Archibald, Sulman, Moran and Dobell art prizes.

A New Learning Topic Each Term

Each term our your child will be taught to a professionally developed art class syllabus that combines structure and variety to enables faster development.

To get the most benefit from art classes your child needs to be engaged across a wide area of styles techniques and subject matter. Subject matter needs to be continually refreshed.  If children lose interest the benefits drop away.

Every term a new artistic topic is chosen and lesson plans are created.  The artistic topic focuses on a subject type e.g. portraiture, landscape, still life or an art movement  such as impressionism, surrealism, cubism.

Variety gives breadth to learning experiences and is an important factor in keeping the students engaged. Structured lesson plans are developed by our team of artists and teachers with degrees in fine arts and education.

The Topic for Term 3 2024 will be Renaissance Art

Cognitive Skills Development

Each term topic is supplemented with cognitive skills training exercises specifically designed to strengthen areas such as:

  • Visual memory,
  • Observation and concentration, and
  • Visual processing skills.

Value for Money

We pride ourselves on providing value for money.

An investment in art classes is an investment in the development of your child’s cognitive skills.  So it is important that you choose quality and reliability.
Although you can find some classes that cost a little less than Sydney Art School – you will find that this usually means a compromise tutor quality, syllabus breadth and variety, facilities and materials.

Also when you consider the cost of art classes you will find that they are affodable and compare favourably to other activities.  A good choice when investing in your child’s development.

Safety Security and Compliance

As a professional organisation the safety and security of your children is of paramount importance to us. We make sure we comply with all government regulations including:

  • Working with Children checks: All tutors have certificates provided by NSW Police and and are authorised to work with children.
  • First Aid Officers:  Each studio has a designated First Aid Officer and most tutors are First Aid trained.
  • Public Liability Insurance. Certificate of currency
  • Drop Off – Pick Up Policy: All students are required to be escorted to the tutor, the tutor will supervise untill pick up by the parents.
  • Visitor Policy:  Visitors to studios are only permitted if prior arrangement is made with Sydney Art School.  Tutors will be notified via email to expect the visitor – otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the premises.