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Sarah Whitlock is a professional contemporary jeweller workingfrom her studio-workshop-gallery space, Flying Lobster Studio, established in 1995.

Featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Vogue Germany, Studio Brides, and New Weekly Australia Sarah is represented in commercial galleries and stores throughout NSW and private collections in Australia, Singapore, China, India, Greece, The Netherlands and the USA. 

Sarah works predominantly in sterling silver to create items of adornment and visual delight. She works Influences on Sarah’s work stem from such artists as Erte and Klimt as well as the less identifiable artisans of ethnicity spanning the great continent; Arabic floral ornament, jewellery of Central Asia and East Asian decorative arts.

Her curvilinear designs include all things wearable and is complemented by another more ornamental range hosted by whimsy and the odd flight of fancy. Trinket and treasure boxes, tooth-fairy boxes, perfume bottles, music boxes and clocks all designed and handcrafted with the extravagance of Faberge and passion of Sarah.

Concurrent with these is her range of strictly one-of-a-kind items, collaborating with Judy Whitlock to produce jewellery and objects featuring finely etched images in miniature of the landscape or flora.

” I find myself rummaging through my tray of scrap metal and off-cuts, searching for an elusive piece of 0.5mm sheet silver and discover instead the perfect 12mm length of square wire…
My work practice is divided evenly between precision and serendipity; two very different methods of creating for two of my design styles.
Precision plots out every single line; drawn, traced, corrected then delivered where nothing less than accuracy will suffice.
Serendipity allows the materials to talk to me; touching, bending, sampling textures, curves, lines; working with the three dimensional rather than from a drawing.
Surprisingly, both methods feed from each other, fuelling my passion for creating.”