Morris Yang

Role & Qualifications

Tutor for Diploma Students

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (candidate) at Sydney Art School

Finalist – Hornsby Art Prize 2022

Morris is a professional art tutor and surveyor.
His true love is painting art, especially portraits. His work centres on capturing the emotions and the soul of the most amazing creatures that God has ever created for the whole world – human beings.

Morris Yang is an outstanding Australian contemporary oil painter. His work draws on the style of his favourite old master- Rembrandt and the later impressionists in their use in colours.

His motto: light is the life of the painting while the edges and brushwork are the soul. He has loved painting since childhood. In recent years, Morris has studied extensively and trained in portrait painting.  He is engrossed with the light, shadow and brush strokes in the picture as he believes that the brushwork is the embodiment of the painters’ ideas to the viewers.