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Art Clay Silver Jewellery - Beginners Class

Mould it like regular clay. Fire it and it becomes 99.9% pure silver.

Create beautiful silver jewellery in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. 

Studios Dates Times

Day Time Studio Tutors Next Course Starts Duration Price
Tuesday 10am - 2pm Hornsby (Hunter St) Liz Wilson &
Sue Ashpole
14 NOV 2017 4 wks* $390**

* 4 x 4 hour classes     ** Price of Silver not Included

Overview of this Art Class

Art Clay Silver is the worldwide market leader in precious metal silver clay - a non-toxic mouldable material that when fired becomes 99.9% pure silver.

In these weekly classes you will learn how to make basic jewellery items using Art Clay.  If you have a specific design in mind your tutor will help to guide you on how to achieve it.    

Weekly Course Price includes:

  • Use of Studio Art Clay Toolkit
  • Use of Studio provided Art Clay Silver (Paste Type and Syringe Type) as required.

Course Information

Here is a sample of some typical jewellery projects and the skills you can learn;

1. Color Stone Ring 

Art Clay Silver Project 01 Colour Stone Ring 01

Basic techniques for using Art Clay Silver Clay Type

  • Stone setting 
  • Using a file  to shape and smooth the ring surface
  • Basic techniques for finishing Art Clay pieces
  • Fixing deformations
  • Polishing
  • Using a metal burnisher
2. Leaf Pendant 

Art Clay Silver Project 02 Leaf Pendant 03

Basic techniques using Art Clay Silver Paste Type

  • Thinning the Paste Type
  • Transferring natural texture (cf. leaf veins)
  • Thickness of the layers 
  • Finishing the textured piece
  • Polishing with a stainless steel brush 
  • How to burnish and not lose the leaf vein texture 
  • Attaching the findings


3. Leaf Motif Pendant

Art Clay Silver Project 03 Leaf Motif Pendant U 024b

Basic techniques for using Art Clay Silver Syringe Type

  • Using the Syringe to follow a pattern
  • Cleaning syringe nozzles and
  • How to store Syringe Type Molding with Syringe Type
  • Building layers of syringe line
  • Reinforcing the piece with Paste Type
  • Stone-setting using Syringe Type
5. Twig Brooch
Art Clay Silver Project 05 Twig Brooch U 046b
Molding the twig shape with Clay Type
1) Being able to control and shape the clay without cracking Using the original stone setting (Silver Bezel)
2) How to attach the silver bezel
3) How to set the stone into the silver bezel securely Drawing technique with Paste type
4) Mixing Paste type with water to make the proper thickness for drawing
5) Expressing the drawing design to match the overall design Attaching the screw type brooch findings
6) Understanding the method to attach the brooch findings
7) Being able to adjust the pin length by cutting and making a new needle point Using wet & dry sandpaper (or sponge sanding pad) to make a mirror-like finish
8) How to make the mirror-like finish with sandpaper (sponge sanding pad) and metal polish 9) Using the metal burnisher to finish tight and narrow areas
6. Ancient Design Ring
Art Clay Silver Project 06 Design Ring 01

 Making a flat band ring
1) Rolling out clay in even thickness without cracking
2) Using the Paste type to join the band ends
3) Understanding the contraction size of the flat band ring

Decorating with Syringe type
4) Ability to extrude the syringe lines with a stable stroke Controlling the file
5) Using the file to smooth the ring surface
6) Smoothing the ring hole rim so that it will be comfortable to wear Finishing
7) Burnishing carefully, not pressing too hard and losing the syringe lines

7. Antique Pearl Ring
Art Clay Silver Project 07 Pearl Ring 01

 Basic techniques using Slow Dry type
1) Understanding the characteristics of Slow Dry type clay
2) Understanding the usage of the empty syringe for Slow Dry type Modeling with Slow Dry Type and syringe
3) Extruding an unique syringe line from the cut-designed nozzle tip
4) Understanding the contraction size of the ring Using the pure silver wire
5) Setting the pure silver wire securely Finishing
6) Burnishing carefully so as not to lose the syringe design

Attaching a pearl
7)Attaching the pearl at the last stage
8) Adjusting the length of the pure silver wire to the pearl hole depth
9) Using an adhesive glue to set the pearl securely


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