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Portraiture, Life Drawing and Figure Painting

In this art course you will start by learning skills in portraiture. You will then develop this skills in life drawing and then finally figure painting. 

Portraiture is an immensely rewarding painting experience.  Even those who are just starting out in art find that the activity of painting another person is immediately engaging.  

Some artists mistakenly avoid portraiture as they feel it is "too advanced" for the level they are at.  Nothing is futher from the truth.  

One of the great aspects of portraiture is that it allows an artist to explore their use of colours and styles to capture the soul of their subject in a way that surpasses a photographic image.  If you have a look at some of the works in our student gallery you will see a range of works that each have artistic merit regardless of the level of technical skill.

This is a course for oil painters who love portraiture, but who may not yet have portraiture skills or experience, especially in painting a portrait from life.


Studios Dates Times

Baulkham Hills
Next  Course Starts
12noon - 4pm 
Apple Yin
 9 Oct 2017 
8 wks
See Note 1
Thursday 7pm - 9pm Tam Cao   12 Oct 2017 8 wks $360
Note 1:  This class is 4 hour sessions x 8 weeks.  It incorporates the use of live models and model fees are included in the term studio tuition fee.

Overview of this Art Class

This master class will introduce you to the artistic skills and methods to start you into the fascinating world of portraiture.It will focus both on individual teaching to suit the level of each student, as well as on group teaching to address the essential elements of portrait painting, including

  • careful observation,
  • pleasing composition,
  • the place of shape, colour, tone and
  • drawing skills in achieving a three dimensional likeness and a sound painting.

There will be a balance of instruction, demonstration, individual help, and peer and tutor appraisal to guide the student from a first loose ‘rough-in’ to a finished portrait. The focus will be on working towards the creation of unique and expressive portraits that bring the subject to life on the canvas, while drawing on the student’s own creativity and individual style.

Each week there will be a ‘focus point’ – an essential skill of portraiture – to keep in mind during the day’s painting. Students will no doubt use and interpret each skill in their own way, according to their experience and their own needs. But it is useful to establish a ‘common language’ as we develop and deepen our understandings of the portrait process.

Course Information


Art Materials - Wish List



2 x Long Flat – Size 0

2 x Long Flat -  Size 2

1 x Long Flat – Size 4

1 x Stiff Synthetic round – Size 0 or 2

1 x Golden Nylon Filbert – Size 2

1 x Golden Nylon round - Size 0

1 x Bristle Brush (inexpensive) about size 6/8


Ivory Black

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Terra Verte


Titanium White

Lemon Yellow (cool)

Cadmium Yellow (warm)

Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Raw Umber

Cadmium Red (warm)

Alizarin (cool)

Light Red

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Canvas – no smaller than 11 x 14 inch, fine weave if possible.

Cartridge paper and HB, B pencil and kneadable eraser.

Odourless solvent and lindseed oil.

Paper towel or similar and rag.