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Manga and Anime Online Art Class
Price:$ 60.00

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Learn How to Draw Your Own Anime-Manga Style Character

Collaborate live via video with your tutor and other students in the Sydney Art School Online Art Studio!!

If you want to learn how to draw authentic anime or manga characters first you need to learn the foundation rules of styles and proportions.

Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of anime drawing moving from head and face to bodies and proportions.   Each session will also feature a brief section on how to draw different famous anime character.

Days Times & Studios

StudioDayStart DateNo of WeeksStart TimeEnd TimeTutorPriceNotes
ONLINEThursday21 Jul 202294:00 pm5:30 pmSAS TUTORS$360

Course Overview

In this course you will learn the beginning rules of manga proportions and styles.  

AM Session: Focus will be on the specific styles of the face and head

  • eyes,
  • mouth,
  • facial proportions,
  • expressions, and
  • other features.

PM Session: Will develop your skills to understand bodies and draw a complete character with the correct manga proportions.

Once you know the rules you will be able to create your own repeatable Manga character at home.

The style you will learn in this workshop is inspired by artists such as .... Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli) , Yoshiaki Koizumi and Yusuke Nakano (Nintendo Legend of Zelda).

At the end of each workshop you will have created a drawing your own character. Faster students will have the opportunity to add colour to their drawing with paint, pastels or colour pencils.

How Does an Online Art Class Work?

An online art class at Sydney Art School is taught live by your tutor.

We use a web-conferencing system so you can see your tutor and other students in real-time.  This is to make the experience as close as possible to being in the class in one of our studio locations.

Your tutor will demonstrate step by step the key elements of the class which you will then practice.

At the end of each step you will be able to show your work back to the tutor and then get feedback on what you did well and what could be improved.

At the end of the lesson you will receive a written guide to remind you of the key points and how to apply what you have learned.