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Flat Band Ring with Bezel Set Stone

Learn how to use metal clay to make a flat band ring, decorate with a syringe and set a decorative stone.

Overview of this Art Class

In this metal clay project you will learn the following skills ...

Making a flat band ring

  • Rolling out clay in even thickness without cracking
  • Using the Paste type to join the band ends
  • Understanding the contraction size of the flat band ring 

Decorating with Syringe

  • Ability to extrude the syringe lines with a stable stroke

Controlling the file

  • Using the file to smooth the ring surface
  • Smoothing the ring hole rim so that it will be comfortable to wear


  • Burnishing carefully, not pressing too hard and losing the syringe lines

Stone setting

  • How to attach a silver bezel
  • How to set a stone into the silver bezel securely
  • Understanding the tips for stone setting

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