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Silver Clay Jewellery - 4 Week Beginners Course

Metal Clay Jewellery - Courses and WorkshopsMetal Clay Jewellery - Courses and Workshops
Price:$ 390.00

Metal Clay Jewellery - Courses and Workshops
Art Clay Silver Level 1 Certification
Art Clay Silver Level 1 Certification
Art Clay Silver Level 1 Certification

Days Times & Studios

Timetable for All Metal Clay Jewellery Courses & Workshops

StudioDayStart DateNo of WeeksStart TimeEnd TimeTutorPriceNotes
HornsbyWednesday17 Aug 2022412:30 pm3:30 pmJules Read$400Silver Clay Jewellery - 4 Week Course

This is a great beginners art workshop using the wonderful and versatile precious metal clay that enables you to make beautiful silver jewellery in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional silversmithing methods.  No previous experience necessary.

In these workshops  you will learn the techniques to use precious metal clay to make jewellery items such as a rings,  pendants and brooches.

If you have a specific design in mind your tutor will help to guide you on how to bring it to life.

The techniques and skills you will learn can be applied to any polymer metal clay such as Art Clay Silver or PMC3.    The School recommends the use of Art Clay Silver as it has the lowest shrinkage of any polymer metal clay.


Course Options

Students can choose to learn skills in how to make silver clay jewellery courses in a series of weekly classes or by joining one or more one day workshops.  

The course or workshop price includes;


Weekly Course Inclusions

 One Day Workshop Inclusions

Use of studio Art Clay toolkit

Use of studio bench tools

Art Clay Silver Materials


Students purchases metal clay or other materials as required for each project

10g Art Clay Silver included

Project Notes

Project Options

Simple and Intermediate projects are offered Only simple projects that can be completed in a day are offered

Maximum Class Size

6 6

About ArtClay SilverTM

Art Clay Silver is the worldwide market leader in precious metal silver clay - a non-toxic mouldable material that when fired becomes 99.9% pure silver.



What is a Precious Metal Clay Polymer

A precious metal clay polymer combines pure silver powder with non-toxic binders and water.   It can be molded like clay and when kiln, torch or stove top fired, the binders burn away and the metal sinters - the clay is transformed into a solid piece of hand crafted silver jewellery.

You can also extend traditional jewellery making techniques by incorporating metal clay.

What you will need

Precious Metal Clay

For workshops: 10g of Art Clay silver is included in most workshops. 

For weekly courses: Students purchase materials as required.  Art Clay Silver is available at a the studio.


Use of studio tools is included in workshops and courses.


You can bring your own lunch or purchase lunch from nearby shops. Hornsby Westfield is a 3 minute walk.