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How to Draw - Caricatures and Cartoons

How to Draw Caricatures & Cartoons WorkshopHow to Draw Caricatures & Cartoons Workshop

Days Times & Studios

 5.30pm - 7pm
 Balukham Hills
10 Oct 2014

This is a great term for young teenagers to learn the principles of how to draw another person.

Have you ever watched a caricature artist at work?  Have you been drawn in and fascinated as the subject was brought to life and wondering how they do that?

The ability to draw a caricature is universally admired. Drawing a caricature or cartoon is a skill that you can learn.

Even if you think you have "zero" skill at drawing - you will experience something new and have incredible fun.

For those looking to explore portraiture - caricatures can be a good way to start working on drawing the human face without the "pressure" drawing an exact likeness.

And for an experienced portrait artist the caricature form is an engaging, light hearted and whimsical break from a more formal and structured drawing of another person.

Selected Works by the Tutor

Week 1

Caricature vs cartoon - Tools and materials

Week 2

Faces and expressions - Head shapes – front, three-quarter, profile

Week 3

Facial features – eyes, ears, nose, mouth - Capturing likeness

Week 4

Cartoon types – getting the message across

Week 5

Action figures - Foreshortening - Hands & feet

Week 6

Props - Anthropomorphism

Week 7

Caricatures – b&w

Week 8

Caricatures – colour