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Drawing - Beginners - ONLINE - TUESDAYS - 7pm

Introductory drawing course with a blend of skills development and creative expression. Covers skills, techniques, media and equipment, and artistic approaches to drawing.
Drawing for Beginners - Art Course - Sydney Art SchoolDrawing for Beginners
Price:$ 370.00

Introductory drawing course with a blend of skills development and creative expression.  

Covers skills, techniques, media and equipment, and artistic approaches to drawing.

Studios Dates Times

StudioDayStart DateNo of WeeksStart TimeEnd TimeTutorPriceNotes
Baulkham HillsSaturday23 Jul 202281:30 pm3:30 pmCristina Aura$370
HornsbyMonday18 Jul 202286:00 pm8.30pmTBA$430
HornsbySaturday23 Jul 202289:00 am11:00 amMichael Simms$370
HornsbySaturday23 Jul 2022811:00 am1:00 pmKrista Brennan$370online and face to face delivery
ONLINETBATBA87:00 pm9:00 pm$370
Baulkham HillsTuesday19 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmKrista Brennan$370
HornsbyTuesday19 Jul 202282:00 pm4:00 pmMatthew Weatherstone$370
HornsbyTuesday19 Jul 202287:00 pm9:00 pmTBA$370

Art Course Information

In this course you will ...

  • Experiment with various media and equipment including pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels
  • Develop skills in observation and technique.
  • Learn from award winning artists the creative interpretation they bring to their works.
  • Be mentored to develop your own style and expression in your art
  • Explore concepts and create your own finished works of art.

Week by week you will notice your drawing skills improve.

Your tutors will spend time assessing your current skill level and help develop a personal plan to help you achieve your goals in drawing and art.

Subject matter and media used are continually refreshed to keep you engaged and challenged.

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 Art Course Details

Beginners Drawing

This general drawing class will suit the absolute beginner.

You will explore a variety of materials and techniques ranging from the rich tonal qualities of charcoal, the luxurious flow of pen and ink, and the simple pleasure of pencil drawing.
Almost without knowing it your skills will develop to start creating drawings that you can be proud of. One on one advice from your tutor will help you develop your own "signature" style of drawing.

Each week new techniques will be introduced so you can experiment and be inspired by new methods, whilst building on the repertoire of previous weeks experience.

Topics Covered

In each class a new drawing technique and principle will be demonstrated to the group. Topics covered include:

  • composition,
  • tone,
  • perspective,
  • foreshortening
  • line drawing and
  • tonal drawing

Durig the course you will also learn about relevant aspects of the history of drawing through the ages from pre- history through to contemporary art practice.

Key elements of the course will include

1. Plan drawing work through exploration
2. Prepare, maintain and store drawing resources
3. Create finished drawings

During your time in the studio you will experience and learn how to;

1.1 Explore ideas and techniques for own drawings
1.2 Review historical and contemporary drawing practice as a potential source of ideas
1.3 Clarify and confirm ideas for drawings based on exploration, discussion and consideration of intellectual property requirements
1.4 Select and use appropriate strategies to assess capabilities of drawing techniques
1.5 Select techniques that best support ideas for own work
2.1 Calculate, select and organise type and quantity of drawing equipment, and tools and materials based on the needs of the chosen work
2.2 Prepare, maintain and dispose of equipment, tools and materials according to workplace safety and sustainability requirements
2.3 Clean and store equipment, tools and materials according to specific needs of different items
3.1 Use and adapt combined drawing techniques to create desired effects, considering and applying elements and principles of design
3.2 Review work in progress and make adjustments, as required, to produce final work
3.3 Handle equipment, tools and materials safely and minimise waste throughout all processes
3.4 Add value to current and future work process by documenting the work progress
3.5 Liaise with others to obtain and consider feedback on technical proficiency of work and success in communicating ideas

Beginner to Intermediate Drawing

Once you have mastered the basic skills this class will take your drawing to the next level.  
Structured lessons will cement your skills and approach to the practical elements of drawing, while allowing you the scope to develop individual expression.
New techniques in contemporary drawing will be introduced to broaden the scope your experience.
Your personal goals will be discussed and a plan organised to work towards this outcome. You will be encouraged to develop and create finished works suitable for exhibiting or display in your home.

Key elements of the course will include;

  • Development of drawing skills and techniques
  • Exploration of approaches to using drawings to communicate ideas.
  • Selection and use of appropriate media and techniques to realise finished works of art.
  • Expand and explore individual creativity.

By this stage you will have a greater understanding of your own individual direction.  In this phase of the course you will be able to distil your ideas to enable the creation of an artwork inspired by your own concept.

  Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts Certificate IV in Visual Arts Diploma of Visual Arts