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Essential Drawing Skills

Essential Drawing Skills Leading to Portraiture - Art Resource Kit
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Essential Drawing Skills Leading to Portraiture - Art Resource Kit
Essential Drawing Skills Leading to Portraiture - Art Resource Kit

Being able to "draw what you see" is a foundation skill that every artist needs.  But many struggle to become competent in this aspect of art. 

This course teaches you proven techniques in mastering essential drawing skills.

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Tuesday 10am - 12pm Hornsby Matthew Weatherstone 30 Jan 2018
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31 Jan 2018
Wednesday 6.30pm - 8.30pm  Hornsby (Hunter Street) Cristina Aura 31 Jan  2018
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Baulkham Hills
Matthew Weatherstone  3 Feb 2017 

This is a structured course introducing the basics of how to draw what you see.  Geared towards entry level to intermediate students it provides the foundation skills required for advanced drawing and portrait drawing.

Core concepts such as line, perspective, tone and composition are introduced with explanation of the science behind what your eye is seeing and how to accurately transfer that to paper.

You will be taught exercises to help develop your skills.

This drawing course will take you to where you want to go, still life, landscape or portraiture. The outcome of this course will give you the understanding of proportion, form and space.

If you aspire to develop your drawing skills to higher levels this course is the ideal stepping stone to prepare you for the Portrait Drawing course.



This is a drawing program that develops essential skills for any type of Visual Arts practitioner.
The drawing skills acquired will give the ability to attempt and resolve any technique and project, no matter how challenging and enhance your creativity.
Drawing acquires new ways of seeing your environment and develops observation skills.
This is an essential and extremely well structured drawing program that will lead to portrait drawing and painting.

Learning how to understand free hand drawing, lines and geometric shapes.
Understanding proportion within one simple shape and combining several geometric shapes that would lead to a drawing, eye measurement.
Introduction to One point perspective.
Freehand construction of a geometric shape in perspective. Drawing a circle, then a cylinder in perspective.
Understanding the construction of a piece of fruit.
Drawing a still life in One point perspective and introduction to light and shadow.
Introduction to Two point perspective.
Drawing a still life in Two point perspective.
Introduction to still life or portrait drawing and how all the skills already acquired can be applied to understand the construction of a portrait.

Materials required for this Class
Visual Diary or Cartridge paper, A3 or larger, few Graphite pencils, eraser and sharpener to start with.


Building on the skills learnt in the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS PROGRAM you will learn the techniques to recreate a realistic drawing from any subject.
At the intermediate level you will learn advanced techniques including;

Tonal values
3 Point Perspective



In this program you will receive individual mentoring from the tutor to improve the accuracy and technique of your drawing. You will also learn methods for artistic exploration and interpretation of subjects.

Take a look at the samples of other students works in the photo gallery. All of them started as absolute beginners and have rapidly progressed their drawing skills.