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Silver Clay - Half Day Online Workshop - Keepsake Silver Pendant "Violas and Poem" - WED 9 SEP 2020 - 6:30PM

Price:$ 65.00

Workshop Options

Workshop Only $65
(Free for Full Time Diploma Students)

Resource Kit $120 (Discounted from $160 RRP)

Workshop plus Resource Kit:  $165

Learn how to make this very personalized piece of romantic jewellery.  It uses a clever way to capture a precious memory into a piece of jewellery.

Who of us hasn’t saved flowers from important moments in life like weddings, baptisms, memorial services or a special trip?  Dried flowers are a  perfect item to design into a gift for a special someone, to whom those words and that flower will mean so much.


Silver Clay Workshop - Violas & a Poem Pendant
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In this workshopyou will learn how to;

  • make a silver clay design of a proper thickness to write on
  • attach flowers to silver 
  • manually polish silver 
  • make silver look old
  • sculpt little silver flowers, and
  • set a fire resistant stone in metal clay

Pendant Diameter: Approximately 5 cm


Materials and tools are not included in the cost of this course.  A Resource Kit of selected items is available at discounted prices to workshop participants.


For the Pendant  
Dried Flowers & a Favourite Poem or Verse  
20 g Art Clay Silver - Clay Type  
10 g Art Clay Silver  Syringe Type  
Olive Oil or Badger Balm  
Silver Oxide  
UV Resin or clear nail polish  
To make the small decoration at the end of the chain you will also need ...  
Fire Resistant Violet Stone  
Small silver jump ring (hoop) recommend 4mm diameter  
Sterling Silver chain (approx 45cm)  
Silver chain fastener - ring clasp  


Plastic strips for rolling clay to uniform thickness (0.5, 1.0 & 1.5mm sets) OR playing cards  
Thin needle  
Glass Sheet to work on  
Small paint brush  
Sponge Sanding Pads (Red, Green & Blue)  

Stainless Steel Brush

Flat Nosed Plyers  
Optional Items  
Plastic cIrcle template with approx  4 - 5 cm diameter  


Resource Kit

 Resource Kit Items RRP 
Art Clay Silver 20g Clay New Formula $66.50
Art Clay Silver 10g Syringe New Formula - 1 tip $39.50
Fire Resistant Violet Stone (Eliptical amethyst zirconia) $15.00 
Small silver jump ring (hoop) recommend 4mm diameter $1.00 
 Sterling Silver chain (approx 45cm)  $35.00
 Silver chain fastener - spring ring clasp $4.00 
 Total RRP $161.00 
 Special Kit Price for Workshop Participants TBA

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