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Life Drawing - Art Workshop


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 10am - 3pm
Hornsby (Hunter St)   6 April 2019
Sydney Art School Tutor

Drawing from a live model is a time honoured skill that has been a common theme of art through the ages.  It is the foundation component in the training of any fine artist.

This life drawing workshop will intorduce you to techniques to draw accurately, realistically, and quickly!

You will come away from the workshop with a series of quick studies and one longer study. Specific tehcniques in gestural and structural drawing, tonal and form rendering will be covered.

The fast moving flow of this workshop makes it a great "change from the norm" for recreational artists.  While the exploration of subject and techniques is applicable for those woriking towards Units in Certificate or Diploma level qualificaitons. 

In this workshop you will be given first hand instruction on skills in how to visually represent the human form and practice in drawing from a live model.

Places for this workshop are strictly limited to 12 students.  This will ensure that each student will have a good view of the model.  And that Krista will get quality one on one time with each student in addition to the group instruction.

In this workshop you will be given first hand introdution on concepts such as how to;

  • Apply ideas and knowledge about the human form for integration into your own art work
  • Experiment with different media and techniques 
  • Identify and resolve technical problems in developing your drawing expertise
  • Trial and adapt ways to represent or use the human form to develop own style

Specific skills will include;

  • how to observe and recreate the interplay of light and dark values on the shapes of the body
  • capture the dynamic aspects of a live subject
  • elements of perspective, proportion, negative space and capturing a likeness
  • gesture drawing
  • constructing the human form
  • proportion and landmarks of the human form
  • light and shade
  • hard and soft edges 


Students will be encouraged to critically analyze their drawings for accuracy, to better train their eye. There will be a focus on proportions, perspective and capturing a likeness.

Selected Works by the Tutor