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Pre Diploma - Painting and Drawing Course

This short course give you the Pre-Requisites for entry into a Diploma of Visual Arts or fast start into Certificate IV Qualifications

This flexible short course is your pathway into either a Diploma or Certificate IV in Visual Arts qualification by bundling the Four Units of Competency listed in the table below;

The table below shows the Units in the bundle and how they can help you work towards a Diploma or Certificate IV qualification.

 Unit Name & National Code
Unit Credit Status in
Visual Arts Qualifications
   Certificate IV   
CUAAPR401 - Realise a creative project
CUADRA401 Experiment with techniques to produce drawings  Elective  Elective
CUAPAI301 - Produce paintings
CUADRA301 - Produce drawings


Course Details

To be assessed against the units in this short course you will need to 

  •  Attend at least 16 studio sessions from the list of eligible short courses.
  • Submit images you create and other exercises via the student portal for assessment.

You will be given your login to the Student Portal before your first studio session.  More details of images, exercises and supplementary material will be available in the Student Portal.

You can progress through this short course at your own pace.  

If you don't submit the material for submission over the course of the first 16 studio sessions you can extend your enrolment in blocks of 8 sessions.

How to Enrol

1. Register for the studio sessions:  Choose any of the studio sessions from the list below.

2. Select "Yes" in the Pre Diploma Drawing Course Option field: When you register

3. Login to the Student Portal: If you are a new student we will send you your login before your studio sessions commence. This is where you will upload your exercises as part of your assessment.

Eligible Studio Sessions

How to Paint and Draw | For Beginners