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  • Art Clay Silver Introduction
  • School Holiday Art Workshop for Kids
  • Sydney Art School - Beginners Watercolour Workshop
  • Learn to Draw - Sydney Art School
  • Life Drawing Art Workshop with Krista Brennan - How to Draw the Human Figure
  • Absolute Beginners Art Workshop
  • Painting the Australian Landscape - Art Workshop with Gary Myers
  • How to Draw Caricatures and Cartoons

Focussed 1 or 2 day art sessions with something for absolute beginners to advanced artists.

Metal Clay Jewellery Making

  • Learn how to craft precious metal jewellery using the Art Clay Silver

  • These courses & workshops will teach you how to create pure silver jewellery using the revolutionary product Art Clay Silver.

    Art Clay Silver is a precious metal clay polymer.  It can be molded like clay and when fired it becomes 99.9% pure silver.  With it you can create beautiful silver jewellery in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional silversmithing methods.  You can also extend traditional jewellery making techniques by incorporating metal clay.

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    Silver Clay Jewellery for BeginnersHornsbyWednesday10:00 AM2:00 PM29 Aug 20184TBA$390

School Holiday Art Classes and Workshops - Winter 2018

  • The Sydney Art School is presenting an exciting new Summer 'School Holiday Art Class Workshop Program' for children aged from 5 to 15. 

    Each interactive workshop is designed to inspire young artists focussing on artistic skills and techniques. Under the guidance of the friendly Sydney Art School team, children will discover a great range of classic and contemporary art techniques and styles. 


    Mon 16 July to Friday 20 July 2018

    Hornsby Studio Only
    (Baulkham Hills Studio Being Renovated)


    FULL DAY Option: 9.30AM - 4PM
    HALF DAY Options: 9.30AM - 12.30PM OR 1.00PM - 4.00PM

    (Lunch break supervision included for those attending Full Day)

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    HALF DAY $60
    FULL DAY $120





    Junior 5-8yo

    Intermediate 9-14yo

    Senior - 12+


    AM: Self Portrait 

    PM:  Mask Making

    AM: Self Portrait 

    PM: Mask Making


    AM: Junior Manga & Anime

    PM: Basic Printmaking

    AM: Intermediate Manga & Anime 

    PM: Multi-Relief Print

     All Day

    Jewellery Design

    Hornsby Only


    AM: TBA

    PM: TBA


    PM: TBA


     AM: Learning from the Masters

    PM: Botanical Drawing

    AM: Learning from the Masters

    PM: Still Life


     AM: Urban Art

    PM: Chinese Painting on Scrolls 

    AM: Urban Art

    PM: Chinese Brushwork


Sydney Art School - Beginners Watercolour Workshop

$135 - 1 Day Workshop    Enrol Here  

Painting with Watercolours - Art Workshop

  • Watercolours open up a whole new world of artistic possibilities.

  • Watercolours let you achieve effects ranging from powerful and dynamic to soft and subtle.

    For new artists, watercolours help you to achieve a "painterly" quality to your art.

    For experienced artists, watercolours can expand the options available to you to achieve the effects you want.

  • Next Workshop Date 
    Sunday 11 Feb 2018 11am - 3pm Hornsby (Hunter St)

Learn to Draw - Sydney Art School

$125 - One Day Workshop 
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Learn to Draw Workshop

  • This workshop is for beginners who are interested in learning how to draw or improve their drawing skills.

  • Drawing is the foundation of all of the visual arts and to draw well requires practice and perseverance.

    Fortunately many of the basics can be taught,  thereby eliminating a lot of the trial and error of learning by yourself.  In this workshop you will;

    • be taught proven methods and techniques to improve your drawing skills
    • learn how to continue to improve either with self study or guided lessons  

  • Day
    Next Workshop Date
     10am - 2pm
     Hornsby (Hunter St)
    Saturday 30 June 2018

Life Drawing Art Workshop with Krista Brennan - How to Draw the Human Figure

$180 - 1 Day Workshop

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Life Drawing Art Workshop

  • Learn How to Draw the Human Figure

    an art workshop with a live model

  • Drawing from a live model is a time honoured skill that has been a common theme of art through the ages.  It is the foundation component in the training of any fine artist.

    This life drawing workshop will intorduce you to techniques to draw accurately, realistically, and quickly!

    You will come away from the workshop with a series of quick studies and one longer study. Specific tehcniques in gestural and structural drawing, tonal and form rendering will be covered.

    The fast moving flow of this workshop makes it a great "change from the norm" for recreational artists.  While the exploration of subject and techniques is applicable for those woriking towards Units in Certificate or Diploma level qualificaitons. 

  • Day
    Next Workshop Date
     10am - 4pm
    Hornsby (Hunter St)   4 Feb 2018
    Sydney Art School Tutor

Absolute Beginners Art Workshop

$125 - 1 Day Workshop
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Absolute Beginners - Art Workshop

  • Everyone loved to draw and paint as a child ... so isn't it time to re-discover that pleasure and start creating your own art again?

  • This popular Painting and Drawing workshop is a "hands on" art session with loads of practical advice and demonstrations by the tutor.  You will come away with your first piece of art ... and maybe feeling a touch more youthful as well  : ) 

    Learn from one of Sydney's Best Painting Tutors ...
    • How to choose a subject and composition that will look great in a painting
    • Do's and dont's on selecting and using paints, brushes and other materials.
    • Plus lots of time for Q&A while you relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Day
    Next Workshop Date
     10am - 2pm
     Hornsby Hunter Street
    Saturday 30 June 2018


Painting the Australian Landscape - Art Workshop

  • Landscape painting ... leave your message to the world by painting your inerpretation of a place that is special

  • Learn How to Use Colour and Composition to Bring Your Paintings to Life

    A Special two Day Workshop with Guest Tutor Gary Myers

    During this art workshop Gary will share his secrets on
    • Using colour to create a dramatic artistic effect
    • Techniques for creative representation of landscape elements, sky, clouds, trees etc.
    • How to compose your work to give it a lift
    • And lots more ...

  • Day
    Next Workshop Date
     Monday & Tuesday
     10am - 3pm

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How to Draw Caricatures and Cartoons

$125 - Workshop -  Enrol Hereenrol here

How to Draw Caricatures and Cartoons - Workshop

  • Learn How to Draw Caricatures and Cartoon of Famous People and "Slightly Less" Famous Family and Friends

  • Have you ever watched a caricature artist at work?  Have you been drawn in and fascinated as the subject was brought to life and wondering how they do that?

    The ability to draw a caricature is universally admired. Drawing a caricature or cartoon is a skill that you can learn.

    This is a great art workshop for Teenagers and Adults alike to learn the principles of how to draw another person.

    Even if you think you have "zero" skill at drawing - you will experience something new and have incredible fun.

    For those looking to explore portraiture - caricatures can be a good way to start working on drawing the human face without the "pressure" drawing an exact likeness.

    And for an experienced portrait artist the caricature form is an engaging, light hearted and whimsical break from a more formal and structured drawing of another person.

  • Day
    Next Workshop Date
     10am - 1pm
     Baulkham Hills