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Varry Niven

My works are a collection of my artistic and personal journey

Varry holds a Diploma of Visual Arts, Certificate in Training and assessment. Varry is also a Certified Art Clay Instructor and Assessor.  She is is an exhibiting artists and works in all forms of art ... painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking and jewellery.

A natural communicator. Varry's students find that her breadth of experience creates a balanced perspective in her teaching and helps them to explore multiple creative options

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Self Kalaidescope Gallery - August 2011


“My works are a collection of my artistic and personal journey over the last few years. I find that the mediums used predict the flow and final outcome of the works. 

Painting for me is very spontaneous,fast and often more than one canvas is lined up in the studio at a time. 

Drawing is at times the same although I enjoy a more meticulous approach and tend to slow down more. 

Printmaking is a process that takes time so drawing to prepare for a print may take days and when I sculpt,it is as spontaneous as painting,the work starts and finishes in day.I never go back into any of my works to touch up or adjust,they are who they are and whom they are meant to be.”