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Liz Wilson

Liz is a practising artist and one of Australia's best silversmiths and artistic jewelry designers.

Liz also holds the position of head teacher for all of Sydney Art School's art classes for school aged students.

Those that have had classes with Liz will know that she has such a great love not only for teaching art to children – but also using art as a vehicle to help develop the child's confidence and self esteem.

She takes a direct and active role in monitoring all of the children's classes to ensure that we continue to improve the quality of the learning experience that the students receive from art classes with SAS.

Her teaching style is creative and nurturing - making her a popular tutor with children,  parents, art therapy clients, and of course her jewelry design students.

Awards & Qualifications Include

Bachelor of Fine Arts (University of Natal)
Professional Artists, Jeweler and Jewelry Designer

Liz holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (University of Natal) and has worked for 20 years as an artist/jeweler and jewelery designer.

Liz has worked in collaboration with master jewelers and is regularly commissioned by private clients, particularly those seeking a unique and artistic piece.

She has conducted various solo exhibtions and is an Exhibition Director for Sydney Art School.

Tutor in
Contemporary Jewelry Studies
Art Therapy
School Student Art Classes