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Learn to Draw Workshop

This workshop is for beginners who are interested in learning how to draw or improve their drawing skills.

Drawing is the foundation of all of the visual arts and to draw well requires practice and perseverance.

Fortunately many of the basics can be taught,  thereby eliminating a lot of the trial and error of learning by yourself.  In this workshop you will;

  • be taught proven methods and techniques to improve your drawing skills
  • learn how to continue to improve either with self study or guided lessons  

Overview of this Art Class

In this workshop you will learn basic skills that will help you to draw well. You will be able to take these skills  and continue to use them to improve your own drawing technique.

This workshop covers different ways of seeing and drawing. Whether you are new to drawing or already have some experience you will come away with a strong foundation for further study and exploration.

Some of the skills you will learn are;

  • Breaking down form into simple shapes.
  • Learning to draw what is seen as opposed to what you think you see.
  • Creating volume and mass through light and shade.
  • Detail and simplification - the "art" of what to leave in and what to take out.

Studios Dates Times

Next Workshop Date
 10am - 2pm
 Hornsby (Hunter St)

Course Information

General Comments on Materials

Materials to Bring

This is a general guide of materials to bring to our art workshops.  If the workshop you are attending requires specific materials we will let you know

If this is your first time with us - don't rush out and buy a lot of equipment that you may not need.  During the course of the workshop your tutor can give advice on materials and hints and tips on what to buy.

Materials for Drawing Workshops

For the Learn to Draw Workshop you will need:2 or 3  Pencils of varying "hardness":  B, 2B, 4B

  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • A Ruler
  • Visual Diary or Cartridge Paper Pad - 
    (Size A3 is preferable but you can bring smaller you will only be using a few pages during the workshop but this is a good size to work on so will be useful for you later.)

Lunch and Refreshments

Tea and Coffee making facilities are available.

We suggest you bring a light lunch - something not too messy so that if you have the option to continue to draw or paint while you eat lunch.

DOs and DONTs

Relax and enjoy yourself.
Be encouraging of other people.

Don't be nervous.

Most people will be new at this. And you will find that there is something about doing art that makes people more friendly. If there are more experienced artists in the class you will find that they are more than willing to share what they know as well.
That is one of the great things about learning in a group environment.

Please turn your mobile phone to silent while the workshop is in progress.


The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked.

Don't feel shy.  Call us on  1300 278 252  if you have a question about anything at all.

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